Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spare updates

A little update for the few visitor here "waiting" some news from the Valley.
As already said I can't find so much time as I want to progress of a significant step, so again I force me to find half an hour someday when I can .... and put my hand on "light projects".
Slow progress is still progress.

I've install some decoders in my steam power ( all Soundtraxx Tsunami 750 , but in one case I was not able to fit more than a Digitraxx non-sound in the Model Power Mogul, and I must say was very funny to see the loco moving without any noise! )
Aside this I've in order two Locksound Select micro : have hear good and bad about this decoder but the price ( more or less 80 bucks) and dimensions ( a bit less than the Tsunami ) seems interesting: we see when I've it on hand.
Also have installed a pair of Brass Key Import F7's ( a Lenz silver in A unit, and a Tsunami with the proper 567 engine in the B ) so have also the possibility to run a Freight with these sweet Blackwidows! Here a picture of the couple:

Layout Plan
Got a little review of the plan in two parts:
San Francisco: elimination of two Double Slip without lose the feeling of the original design. Now I've just 4 Double slip to make ( I've already done two!) . Repositioned two turnouts on the Turntable entry to have a better flow for trains composition during Op sessions. Also definitely abandoned the idea of a working Why at Potrero. The space available need a too tight curve to fit and too much work to handlay the needed crossing and turnouts to mainline. So I've dropped all freights departure from Mission Bay staging and it will service to food the Kings Road yard and warehouses, from where freight trains will start his trip to south. Just a short piece of track end near the tower and I think to leave some ties and rail on the ground to resemble a renew of track layout. Some "little" workers will be a good subject for a different scene when time will arrive.
Menlo Park - Redwood: Redesign of the industrial spurs with one switchback ( despite I don't love this configuration) to fit one industry more.
Here the two Mods:

Tracks and Servo installation
The mainline have suffer a "steady stop", unfortunately in Menlo Park! Southern Pacific is pushing the gang to restart the work and seems some agreement is on signature.... SP officer refer maybe after Eastern the gang leave Menlo to south.... we will see.
I've anyway make some progress in the servo installation of turnouts in Menlo Park and I will upload here some pictures of the progress. soon.
Later, friends, for now