Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Elliot & Sons : some tricks

Follow the step by step construction.
Maybe you find useful some of the tricks i suggest.

First set buildings dimensions and plan the surrounding area taking care of usage, loading needs, access and roads.This is my preliminary sketch for this shop:Suggestions:
- Figure a dimensional plan.
- Figure the use of the building and the surrounding area.
- Figure the history for the owner and evolution of the structure.
If you freelance in some grade your RR , is important to don't waste your limited real estate with thinks that don't add interest or operational options: you're building a RR, not a diorama.
Test your skill on simple jobs.
Sure a shed seams so simple? It depends !
It still need foundations, doors and roof: expertize new solution on a little building will take you to new level.

- Limit the inside details to what you can appreciate from outside

I model in N scale, so go too far with too much details is not a key point: model what the viewer can appreciate is the rule.
About inside details: what is important is to "suggest to viewers that inside is not empty".
I've add just a working bench, a wall library (simple sticks of painted wood) and a calendar on the wall in front of one of the doors..

- Paper shingles
Start to glue from bottom to top.
Leave a little margin left to each row: you will cut and line all together when finish.

Paint black the down side.
You can use a flat pointed marker.

Paint wood shingles in successive light washes.
I start with Sepia Ink and alcohol in 1/8 proportion.

After dry add a wash of Black Ink and and alcohol in 1/8 proportion.
Consider that dirty accumulate on roofs not in a uniform layer.

Last color layer is done dry-brushing pigments or powder chalks.
Again avoid uniform color distribution.

Verify twice "before"!
Test fit "before" you use
glue. Check colors of different parts.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I've used 3rdPlanit! for planning and drawing.
Have found not big deal to use this tool and in particular I've appreciate the capability of printing in 1:1 scale.
The final plan is a result of several remake. It was a growing learning process to find the correct balance between "what you like" and "what it fit" and then from "what it fit" to "what is the best" from both a scenic point of view and operational too!
Basically it is an "eraser" exercise!
You can find the past plans and my wish list on my web site:

Elliot & Sons: Building Materials Wholesaler

Step by step this kit with take shape and will be one of the actors of boxcars and flat cars traffic generation in the Peninsula.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Why this Blog?

A Blog, for its nature, is the way to go to report the "progress of work" on a layout.
So I will describe and update here the main steps during construction, scenery ideas and solutions, as well as updates on current projects and, when the time will come, operations.

My web site : http://xoomer.alice.it/enzo_fortuna/
Here I continue to include the "concept" side of design and plans, historic informations of places, models plans, the SP freight cars section, etcetera .

Album: http://s367.photobucket.com/albums/
Here you will find pictures of Exibitions, Friends & Op sessions and some SP documents as ETTs and Division Maps.

If you like to comment, critique or just compliments...
you're just welcome!

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Enjoy the trip!