Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Elliot & Sons : some tricks

Follow the step by step construction.
Maybe you find useful some of the tricks i suggest.

First set buildings dimensions and plan the surrounding area taking care of usage, loading needs, access and roads.This is my preliminary sketch for this shop:Suggestions:
- Figure a dimensional plan.
- Figure the use of the building and the surrounding area.
- Figure the history for the owner and evolution of the structure.
If you freelance in some grade your RR , is important to don't waste your limited real estate with thinks that don't add interest or operational options: you're building a RR, not a diorama.
Test your skill on simple jobs.
Sure a shed seams so simple? It depends !
It still need foundations, doors and roof: expertize new solution on a little building will take you to new level.

- Limit the inside details to what you can appreciate from outside

I model in N scale, so go too far with too much details is not a key point: model what the viewer can appreciate is the rule.
About inside details: what is important is to "suggest to viewers that inside is not empty".
I've add just a working bench, a wall library (simple sticks of painted wood) and a calendar on the wall in front of one of the doors..

- Paper shingles
Start to glue from bottom to top.
Leave a little margin left to each row: you will cut and line all together when finish.

Paint black the down side.
You can use a flat pointed marker.

Paint wood shingles in successive light washes.
I start with Sepia Ink and alcohol in 1/8 proportion.

After dry add a wash of Black Ink and and alcohol in 1/8 proportion.
Consider that dirty accumulate on roofs not in a uniform layer.

Last color layer is done dry-brushing pigments or powder chalks.
Again avoid uniform color distribution.

Verify twice "before"!
Test fit "before" you use
glue. Check colors of different parts.

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