Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hidden Staging yard at Mission Bay

Well, friends, at the end I've found some spare time!
During this past weekend I take in hand the first one of the two staging yards I've planned: Mission Bay yard in the City.
The yard itself is not really following the prototype design, given is positioned under the visible part of the layout, but I'm confident she will provide a good source for the freight traffic that originate and end into the City.
This yard will hold the fleet of reefers, box cars and empties of various type that are coming from the south and terminated in San Francisco, after the delivery of stuffs to local customers. And, as well, will hold freight consist ready to depart for the customers along the Bay, or in far south destinations.
All this is still in my mind, as you can see here, but a start is a start!


A little gentle descending ramp arriving from the future LCL yard that will lay in parallel to the 3rd & Townsend stub is curving aside the Mission Bay steam shop and future turntable.
You see here the future ground where bulldozers have already done the flat, ready for laying the yards tracks.

Next step will be one of the planned splines connecting the two peninsulas,
or the ground for Menlo Park.

Who knows?

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Pascal said...


very nice work , do you rent your bulldozers ?? i will need them ;-)