Friday, April 13, 2012

Locate and name correctly: partial plan review

Well friends, one of my worry was always the not correct position of the Menlo Park and Redwood Junction along the line and also the toy like shape of the industrial area at Redwood. So, taking advantage of my now steady lacks of time to advance in track laying …. ( you remember the declared strike of the road gang on my last post here ) , I fire back the layout design software and ….. here are the results:
-          Shift Redwood and Menlo to his correct position along the line !
-          A better ( at least so it seems to me ) spurs layouts for some industries that will provide some challenge to switch and a more “railroady” feeling of the entire scene in Redwood Jct.
-          Browsing some old mails from friends discussing candidates for industries at each location ( and a big “thanks” to Robert Bowdidge suggestions about the area ) I start again more Internet research for good names.
-          I ended to define all industries located in my industrial “park” and find several pictures of each.
-          Also I’ve relocated the diverging point of the Los Altos branch adding some more length to train travel.
-          As a freelance choice, and ‘cause I always want to have a Winery in some place, I select the Rossetti Bros. ( really on the Santa Cruz Hills ) and place it on the branch.
-          As aside advantage Menlo Depot is now in a better location near the layout edge, to become a key-point to identify the scene and my Coast Line portion.
-          So, now, avoiding the previous switchback, unrealistic curves, I have a smooth ladder layout for 4 Railroad customer, and a correct prototypical sequence of location! Not bad, I think.
What all this means is this next weekend have to devoted to scrap away the already in position cork ( from the “old” Menlo” to Palo Alto ) and lay down the new roadbed!
Here you see the design “before the cure” and “after the medicine”:
Before ....
... and "Now"


Coxy's N Scale and Railroad Blog said...

Changes look very good Enzo. Nicely done. It should look and operate much better than the old plan.

Enzo said...

Thanks for your comment, Steve "Coxy"!
As time passed from the first design, I guess my experience has grown a bit, and what now seems "evident" .... well, we definitely have to check on a fist Op session!
What I learn the hard way is that any drawing you can make.... never fit "exactly" the real world! It can be 'cause my poor carpenter ability? I guess this is "one" of factors. But, OK, cork is down and this Sunday have a friend to help to spread some ballast...