Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's start the dirty job first

Here is the preliminary sketch of the plan.

Tracks are designed to have an idea of curve radius and yards are in some cases just represented with parallel tracks.
I've learn that, for some strange reasons, what you design on paper never seams good when it comes to put it in the real world.
So, Ive stop to add details on the drawing for the moment, and, taking in hand the saw.... start the dirty job!
The location is in a cellar with no windows and two doors. I've closed one of the door with a tie frame covered with plywood.
As I've some spare furnitures from my last move, I've used it as layout support in some places, and all around the room I've build a hanging metal frame with door to store additional stuffs.
There is a work bench where spend time on models and a little desk between the two aisles in the middle of the room ready for the dispatcher.

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