Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The lift bridge... a top-down project.

Some little progress ahead this week:
- the two middle room peninsulas now have definitive splines ready for the sub-roadbed
- The lift bridge between have start to take shape.
About this last project, I've take an approach that "seams" strange, but to me have sense after several consideration. I've first taken in place the two spline pairs for the two-track main line. Then I plan to support these with the bridge chassis. In this way I can have an exact idea of the vertical projection I need to support and consequently the size and shape of the bridge.
I plan to build the support bridge with a separate chassis and then slice and split the splines.
See the pictures here above:
Brisbane & Bayshore (left) ___--- (right) Burlingame
Bridge Spline in place (the down line need a second spline)
Another view and the first bridge support.

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