Tuesday, June 16, 2009

San Francisco tracks review

As I've stated in the previous post, the City stub was too crowded!
I've done a review of the plan and doing so... oh, you see here: lot of compromise in place!
But at the end I thing better operational possibility and not so much revolution from the prototype.

- We loose 3 tracks on the passenger stub.
- I've add a switcher pocket that in reality don't exist.
- I've provided better curve to reach the City from tunnel #1.
- The 7th street tracks now run as the prototype.
- There is also the line to Backer&Hamilton warehouse.
- And the simulation of the connection to industries spurs crossing Townsend street.
- Unfortunately, no way to provide a decent Wye back to Potrero tower.
- The Mission Bay shop have two service tracks to reach the Turntable.

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