Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The line advance south

Well friends,
to mitigate my little envy for all of you that are planning to travel to SLO for the annual SPH&TS convention ( ) … I’ve spend all of my free time on refining the tracks path, optimize some parts for better OP and find better solutions in places where I have doubts for scenery. Here is my effort summary:
  • Mission Bay yard have definitely found a place as a living staging place. This yard will mainly feed and receive freights working the LCL facilities at King and Berry st , but can also be used to store passengers named trains. The commuter cars have a living stage in the coach yard along Townsend st.

  • Enlarged workbench depth at Potrero Tower and the Mission Roundhouse to have place for the prototype Wye from Mission Bay yard. Border-wall distance now is 72cm (28” ) , still good to reach all tracks with my arm, and enough to place a 28 cm radius (11” still too tight , I know, for MT and GS) but at least a switcher with some reefers can go from Visitacion Ice house to Mission Bay yard (staging) and back.
  • Burlingame and Menlo track layout are mostly defined as well some spurs and correspondent indicative industries along the line up to Palo Alto.
  • The branch to Permanente plant and the Kaiser little yard have reach a reasonable and operable shape, but maybe I need to work more on these places. One siding is provided at Los Altos station.
  • A good discussion with a friend, Alex Corsico, takes to a good idea about the backdrop position on the critical area between Mission Roundhouse and the Burlingame-Menlo main line. I will take a shot of a temporary placed “thin wall” to show you.
Last but not least, the “bulldozers” are progressing down the peninsula!
I will take some pictures of the “land” in few days, so, stay in tracks!
You're still in, friends? Well, "later" is ... now! Enjoy!

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