Monday, November 30, 2009

And he create the ... backdrop walls.

In this economic crisis time, just few bucks of wood will take you busy for a period that can seems you as infinite!
That said, friends, here I’m !
I take the occasion of my last weekend experiences ( and very slow progress ) to announce you :
I’ve discover the wheel again!
    As I was not really happy of the “mechanic” for the removable bridge, that was just a “drop & play” design, I’ve “steal” the idea from a drawer on my desk: just buy two “drawer sliding guide”. Now the bridge have a proper stop when in place, roll nicely up to the out position and never fall on the floor if you catch it with your head! So simple !

    Then I’m thinking to a “cost effective” (how the marketing peoples call the “cheap” one) and at same time sturdy solution, for the backdrop wall in the middle of the peninsulas. This will be in my mind a “Thin wall” (as Bruce  Morden call it ) that separate the outside visible tracks from the inside loop. As a drawing is better than thousand words… see what I’m speaking here right :

    I take the idea from the walls of caravans and campers: basically a simple multi-frame made by 1 cm deep wood, covered by a (well two, one each side) masonite layer, and the empty gap filled by the expandable foam.
    Here is a sample of what I'm speaking :

    You will find this on several home repair shops in a spray big can.
    When you spry the foam is soft and you can shape it, but when dry it become “solid-soft” and contribute to the strength of the wall.
    The result is a very light but sturdy backdrop wall than , if properly fixed to the bench work, is self-supporting.

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    Alex Corsico said...

    Good job Enzo....the work in progress.....proggress!!!!!!:)

    I attend the time for run the first train!!!!!