Friday, February 12, 2010

Tweaking the plan

As the benchwork slowly progress, so the trackplan too.
I’ve refined the Bayshore area , mirroring the Icing spur tracks to have a smooth job for consists that source from the City, transferring there reefers to clean and re-ice.
And, finally found a good design for the Newhall yard. I still need to check in more deep some type of operations, but it seems me that the shape resemble in some way the prototype (with a lot of compression as usual)  and enable operators to complete all jobs without create bottleneck. As somebody can note, there is no yard lead !
At the end of the layout the staging yard… it’s not a yard! A platform with all parallel track can shift horizontally connecting all tracks to mainline. Eliminating  turnouts this is the more compact design I can Image. We have a similar module in Fremo (it’s named with a French world “Coulisse”… and don’t ask me why: I don’t know )

Another hidden staging yard is positioned in the middle peninsula, above Burlingame , and is connected to the Mission Bay Shop area, emulating Mission Bay yard and interchange with AT&SF. A tight curve for the real Wye where a complete train was turned, is still in the plan, but is still object of additional  thinking…. We will see.


Pascal said...

hello, it's nice layout track plan , i really likethe platform for the staging .A friend of mine have th same and i am thinking to do the same


Alex Corsico said...

Good job and good plan Enzo.

Why don't add, in Burlingame, a crossover for the switching from Feeds to the team track near the station?