Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tweaking the plan - 2nd Section

Just two little refinements on the plan:
  • Added a crossover before Burlingame to better service the Feed Farm and Station Team Track (thanks Alex!)
  • Added an Icing platform i the Santa Clara background. This is not prototypical, I know but will add some operation possibility ( as well find a place to fit the already done CGlaser platform I've :)
At Bayshore I plan to rebuilt the concrete PFE platform and icing house at Visitacion. Platform will be built from scratch in styrene and corrugated roof and the house will be a kitbashing from a Walthers kit.
I know on this plan there are some freelanced path , see the list here above, but these are solution I've found to flow future operations ( at least this is the reason I've found to justify the plan? )
  • The branch to Los Altos - Kaiser cement plant - San Jose ... have both ends in wrong geographic position.
  • Redwood Jct .have two of the "real" spurs to some industries, but a really "wrong" Wye to Dumbarton bridge! No space to model anything else but I like to have the tower and some possibility to emulate the "false" diverging route. I'm nearly sure to make the "double slip on the main" not operable!

Well.... next post will be on .... tracks !? You can believe this?

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