Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A tiny silver spike : first turnout down

Last weekend the "Chief Superintendent" (aka my wife) leave me free, so I spend an entire half of the day downstairs! It was a very productive time!
Install the Backdrop on the walls back Menlo Park up to Palo Alto: do this job as lone wolf, believe me... not simple nor comfortable! But, this is the life... when you've time... no friends around!
Then some refinements on the lift bridge: retaining walls and a lock.
Then finish to install all "thin hills" along the Bay....

And finally.... why not some tracks?

I've solder "off-line" 3 #6 turnouts made using a Fastracks jig , cut some ME Flex tracks and test fit the Visitacion icing facility.
I'm still waiting the curved turnouts jig I've order two months ago so I can't start from the main line and I decided to wait to glue down tracks as soon I can test fit all turnouts.
I ended this nice day after lunch.... starting my first #6 double slip ( well better to admit... "re-starting" as my first one was destroyed by my "sweet" cats! )


ricky4208 said...

Very nice job Enzo.

Really looking forward to seeing how your first/second #6 double slip turnout comes out. I guess it's not easy at all to build.


Enzo said...

Hi Ricky! yep... not easy, you're right, but .. not impossible! If I just figure how to cut a rail joint in half without +$%& ! I need it to hinge the points! Well, I will put some picture soon.