Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The born of a twins couple

Hello friends,
ultimately I’ve not post any progress …. as I’ve not see really relevant progresses!
BUT …. As already stated, ultimately I can’t have a complete day to spend on the hobby, so I’ve adopted a little steps policy, and here is an update, at the end!
A “twins” couple: handmade double crossover
I’ve plan to use a couple of these combination along the right of way : one in SF before the curve at Mission and the second on the entry to Newhall ( Santa Clara ) yard.
I must say “nothing complicated” (as the double slip, for instance) but not trivial for sure, despite the use of FastTracks jig. The trick adopted to make two sections and then combine them .... well, maybe because it's the first, but made me sweat a bit! FastTracks instructions are “very HO pointed” .
Obviously the photos are on a just completed item, I still need to paint the sleepers and rails, but I hope to give you the idea anyway.
Well, next upgrade have take place at Bayshore-Visitacion .... Follow me :)

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