Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tracks reach Burlingame... again?

 Well, in fact tracks are already layed here, and trains have already take a trip along the (future) eucalyptus row…. But the train crew claims for an unknow reason …. to have some way to be able to switch the mainline turnouts ! So Espee have to send a “specialist” there to solve this stupid problem.
Well, he uses a lot of wire, a lot of patience, and this is the result: a new panel ( “unfortunately for the purist … incorporating the “underground” section to Mission Yard: a “mystic” yard that a “legend” position in a different place  … )
Here we can see a part of this “under world” where ( to mantain alive the myth… ) a strange but very effective illumination provided by … Christmass tree LEDs…. give a fogless vision to all Engineers searching the correct parking track!
The entry of the "Under World" at Mission Bay
Curved turnouts

See you at next Flag-stop!

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