Tuesday, January 31, 2012

“Iron spike” ceremony at Bayshore-Visitacion

Here again: news from the “track gang”…
Bayshore tunnel and Visitacion Ice facility received at the end all his tracks and the “gang” installed also all turnouts, servos and wired a “decent” switch panel.
North end : tunnel exit
South end
At this point the main goal was to have the line working and trains rolling, and I’ve take a “short path” to implement the panel from the planned one:
Panel was made using 5 mm Forex, then I drill all holes for the Tam Valley Fascia controllers, installed all board  and wires and lastly I print the panel on 120 grams paper ( using 3rdPlanit) , drill holes with a paper hollow punch and …. That’s all, folks!
To drive the turnouts servo ( see a previous post on this blog ) I use Tam Valley Octopus card.
The last Duncan’s firmware was very good, and the automatic search of the end-point is working very well, given the Fasttracks turnouts need a hard push to points rails.
My only disappointment was the practical useless of this feature when I’ve try to command two turnouts with the same output ( as in crossovers ).
But I “guess” is my fault given my “imperfect” handmade turnouts have different tolerances.
Well, I use one-to-one commands: this just need some additional attention from the crew, but maybe add some more prototypical fashion to the game: switch each turnout one at time and pay attention to the next in the path.
The gang was send to Burlingame for the next upgrade of the line!

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